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Vicktory Farm & Garden Shearers, shear sheep, angora goats and now alpacas too.

Our shearers are available during the week for small flocks and on the weekends for large flocks of 20 or more or very local small flocks.

Please contact us early! to get on our schedule, and for those first timers here is what you need to

Know and provide:

  • Sheep and goats need to be dry.
  • Lambs do not need to be sheared until they reach yearling age (the earliest for shearing lambs is at 6 months of age, in autumn).
  • Animals need to be caught and handled by you or your helper (there will be a handling charge added if the shearing team has to catch and move animals to the shearing area.
  • The area for the shearer needs to be flat,  dry, out of direct sun,  well lit, with electricity and separate from the holding pen.
  • The shearers carry a shearing board, and one 25’ drop cord as part of their equipment.
  • You need to supply your own bags and tags for the wool.
  • Our shearers automatically discard dung, belly, leg and head wool as they shear, you are responsible for any wool handling beyond this.
  • For your safety, your animals safety and the safety of our shearers,  you will need to stand well away from the animal as it is being sheared, resist petting the animal or pulling on the wool.  We know you value your animal and its comfort, we do to.
  • We only take cash.  We do give everyone a receipt for tax purpose.

Our rates are:

Basic Farm Call: $35.  This fee includes shearing two sheep,   OR  hoof trimming on 2 non shearing animals,  OR drenching/vaccinating 2 non-shearing animals.

 Shearing: $8 per sheep/goat  beyond  the initial 2 allowed on the farm call charge.

Hoof trimming:  $2 per sheep if the sheep is also being sheared.  $5 for hoof care on damaged or diseased hooves.  $5 for animals not sheared (goats, lambs, hair sheep)  If you are having us out just for hoof care, the $35 farm visit charge applies the same as for shearing.

Vaccinations, worming drenches, etc:  $1 per animal, if you supply the wormer, vaccine, needles and syringes.  If we supply, the charge will be based on the current retail price of the product.  These charges are for animals that are to be sheared.  We can make a farm call just for hoof care and wormings, but the initial farm call charge applies.

Travel surcharge: (for trips beyond 10 miles) will be added  based on location and flock size.  Any ferry and toll bridge charges will be added into the travel surcharge.  We normally travel within Pierce, So. King, Thurston,  Mason, Lewis co.   Depending on flock or group size, we will consider travel outside of those areas.  We also have an associate shearer who covers Skagit and surrounding areas.

Defray your long distance charge: We are willing to travel a ways on weekdays for small flocks and weekends for large flocks, however we cannot travel far for just a few sheep.  It helps us help you, if you gather other small flock owners to make it worth our time of being gone from our own farm. You can have everyone bring their animals to one location (all animals will be under the one farm call charge which you can share the expense of with the travel charges)  or we can travel to each farm, the farm call set up fee would be charged at each farm stop, the long distance charge to the area will be divided among the group.  For this group consideration, we ask that we only communicate with one spokesperson who will supply us with addresses as needed and supplies the rest of the group with any information regarding time, shearing area needs etc.

Contact us via e-mail:   subject line, shearing.  Thanks!