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Vicktory Farm & Gardens

A twenty acre farm nestled between Mt. Rainier and South Puget Sound.   Owned and operated by Phil and LeeAnn Vick, Dirt and Lanny, that’s us.  Our daughter, Elisabet, works along side us daily.  There are many others, framily members, who have been here for a spell or a visit, to come and give us their love and encouragement and often their sweat, it wouldn’t be Vicktory Farm and Gardens without them.

We have raised all four of our daughters, Stephanie Manley, Michelle Stone, Elisabet Vick and Anna Coulter here at this very farm.  For most of those years, twenty-five, we rented and were part of a hundred acre farm, owned by Dr. Dale and Norrine Tibbits.  Their love and guidance has been invaluable to us.

And through the grace of God and the generosity of the Tibbits family, we now own twenty acres of the original farm and woodlands.   

Over the years we have been fortunate to have met many people who knew of the different stages of this farm, it has a rich history dating back to the 1800’s when it was first homesteaded by Sam Sorenson.  Our living room is the original homesteader’s cabin and many of his original apple trees remain.

Here at the farm we put our hearts into producing garden and green house items, lamb, chicken, eggs, puppies, kittens, smiles, laughter and more, keep an eye on our our product page for what we have to offer, the smiles and laughter is always free.

We have always desired to be a help to other farmers and gardeners.  Certainly most of what we know and do are given freely but there are some services that we offer for a charge.   Sheep shearing and small livestock hoof care are our main services, we can also help you with manure removal, tilling, livestock hauling and other things. Our services page explains what we are able to do for you and our rates.  If you have a question you think we can help you with, please feel free to contact us.

Even though we are busy in construction, propagation and growing modes, with a little hatching here and there as we get kinks worked out of new systems, we welcome your visits to the farm to see how things are going and how we do things.  Come for a bit of tea and cookies on a scheduled visit day or contact us for an appointment, dropping by is risky, you could be handed a shovel and asked to dig while we talk.

One of the things we love to do is party and relax and we love to see other folks party, relax and have a good time.  We love to share the beauty and ease we find at our farm with others.   We’ve held our own family weddings here and the wedding and gatherings for other folks too.  We drop everything and change things up just to help someone celebrate an important moment in their lives. We’d love for you to do that here on the farm, celebrate life. Just contact us, let us know what you are thinkin’ of and the dates and such and we’ll see if we can’t help you celebrate life here at our beautiful farm.  

But please note, we are God-fearing people, we honor Him and marvel at the wonders of His creation. We cannot willingly violate His ways, so we cannot help people celebrate just anything.  We are very choosy about what we celebrate, our life in Him is the foundation of all celebrations, day in and day out, here at Vicktory Farm & Gardens.  When our government, originally based on freedom and liberty, takes a crazy turn and tells us we have no right to honor God on our own land, in our own house, we will no longer be able to offer assistance to others to help them celebrate the milestones God has brought them to. So now it has come and we’re sorry, but we can no longer hold Christian weddings here at the farm.