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Who We Are

It’s the Dirt is really about a framily.  Friends that are more like family and family that are more like friends are framily.

It is about where they live and come to visit, some live here at Vicktory Farm and Gardens and some visit when they can.

It is about how they live.  Intensely, simply, creatively, lovingly for God, with others.

Dirt and Lanny and their home girls make up the Vick branch of the framily.  We have four daughters, three have married so now we have three sons as well.  And so far, three adorable grandsons and one cutie-pie granddaughter.  You will definitely meet them all, over time.  Our children live near by and we are in and out of each others lives all the time.

Framily extends far beyond our last name or blood but there are many beyond just us and it would fill pages here, so we’ll leave that for other places, mostly the blog, or maybe if you stop by the farm you will meet a few in person and then become framily yourself.

Update:  All four daughters are married now, and grandbaby count is 8+! 4 boys, 4 girls and one tiebreaker on the way.  The last one to marry is certainly the last to leave, because they have chosen to stay here on the farm, to raise their kids and help Dirt and I be old people farmers