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Farm Calendar

An overview calendar that tells you some of what we do and who we are.  Arranged like our harvest seasons,  Spring: March, April, May, June.   Summer: July, August, September, October.   Autumn/Winter: November, December, January, February



We are really scrambling at this time, it is definitely our big kick off after our slower winter season.  We are trying to make sure that our year is successful at Victory Farm and Gardens and March is the month that sets the pace for nearly the whole year; lots of new babies, lambs and chicks, things sprouting, garden fragrances are peaking out from under the chill… A few special teas thrown in for distractions from the hard work and gloomy grey days. Still possibilities of clam digging!


No longer hoping for freezing weather! Or snow!! The Hippy Hot Hut is filling up! Spring flowers are really busting out, lifting spirits and adding to the celebration of Our Lord’s Resurrection, it is a great time at Victory Farm and Gardens. Possibilities begin to wane for clam digging.


Lilac season, breathe deep! Lots of planting, weeding, planting, weeding. Shearing is in full swing. Sorting things out, decisions being made and remade as we wind up the late winter-spring season. Furiously working so that we can get to Camp Vicktory!


Canoeing, campfires, tracking and exploring are ushered in at the beginning of Camp Vicktory starting on Flag Day. Strawberries come ripe, cherries get picked, raspberries harvested and



 Haying season is here! Hip Hip Hooray! The smells of summer are in full swing, honeysuckle, peonies, lilies, tomato plants, chamomile, hay and the sulfur of Fireworks! 

The summer season begins!

United States Constitution Preamble
We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


The Dog Days of Summer, harvesting and some last ditch sheep shearing, repairing silted ponds, trying not to think ahead and say, “oh, well there is always next year” too much. A time for enjoying family, friends and the motorsickle! Watering, watering , watering. (By the way this is Vicktory Farm’s (1985) and Lanny’s (1958) shared birthday month,


Labor Day finds us at our annual excursion for the highland huckleberry, we move the ‘Tavern’ to Iron Creek campground, leaving the Farm in good hands. A time of reflection and evaluation of the agricultural year. Ending with 5 days exhibiting our turkeys at State Fair.  Harvest continues as do all the rest of the farm chores, good thing Dirt has most of September off!


Leif Erickson Days celebrating the true discovery of America by Europeans. Feasting on everything Scandinavian and beginning the Viking Adventures that run till Christmas Day. Lots of work on the farm and in the gardens winterizing and planting overwintering things. The harvesting continues here at the Farm but of course with occasional escapes to the ocean for clam digging! Oh and I suppose I better mention that it is also Dirt’s birthday month.


Veterans’ day, a service toward and a celebration of our Nation and her defenders. Of course there is always Thanksgiving, we feast for the entire four days of the Celebration of God’s Bounty and Grace ending with the beginning of Advent. The farm and garden work is now just the daily routine, the emphasis during this time is baking and cooking for the holidays. Clam digging! And butchering turkeys of course.


All month long we celebrate the Advent of Our Lord ending of course with Christmas! Acknowledging in our feasting and contemplating some of the followers of our Lord who went before us: Sts. Andrew, Nicholas, Lucia, John of the Cross, Stephen, John and Tomas Becket, we marvel at the depths of their faith in Christ that He authors.


Christmas continues until Epiphany and Three Kings night, complete with reenactments, stories and Ol’ Befana treats – After the holidays we begin to concentrate on pruning, planning and ordering for the late spring and summer Market Garden. There’s always a chance for clam digging!


We hope for freezing weather and ice skating on the beaver ponds still. (but in the PNW there are no guarantees that there will be winter weather even by now.)