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Weather – Frost Dates and Such

It has been a while since I kept this up – “kept up” is a relative term by the way.  Now it is March 2015 and all I have to say about this past winter is, weird.  Warm but not without some hard harsh freezes that wiped out many things, mostly because the freezes followed right on the heels of warm!  And here we are this spring – crazy warm and way ahead of schedule with native blooms.

April 22, 2013 – middle of the night fog cleared to a cloudless sunrise and a bit of frost, not heavy.  Even though frost is after the avererage date, many blooms are still running early.   Late Tulips are just now  in full bloom, miniature daffs are nothing but a memory, the bulk of large daffs are beyond done, some pink trumpets – Passionale are just now in full bloom with the Dickcissel.  Wisteria is beginning to fill and color and some buds have the first peekings of petals.

April 16th, 2013 – light frost and it is forecasted to frost again tonight the 21st and the next night.   This spring came early especially around Easter,  last week of March and then boom, right back to usual rain, rain, rain.  It seems we’ve made up for our barely rainy early spring all in the month of April.

Februrary 6 still very mild, occasional frozen mornings, mostly drizzly.  Only puddles in the pathways remain in the Market Garden hopefully it stays that way.

The end of January and the night time lows and the day time highs are both in the forties.  Dreary and drizzly, very winter like minus the cold.  The Market Garden hqs been quite flooded for most of the month.

OOps forgot to keep this up.

October 14th Thursday morning.  No frost this morning.  Looking like Friday night will bring at least another light frost.  Not much rain lately, the Market Garden remains dry ground.  (Moist soil but no standing puddles any where.)

October 13 first light frost the pumpkin leaves are done, the last cukes I left in the garden were not usable, I picked the zucchini that was saved by the big leaves.  The brugs and impatience  and dahlias were just fine, amazingly enough and of course the fucshias and geraniums can deal with light frost.  But everyone will be in by Friday, at least into the greenhouse for their clipping and propagating before moving to the chick shed for the winter.  I cut all the dahlias that could even remotely bloom in a vase.

October 7th – No frost yet, none was predicted except by Dirt and Bet night before last because they were cold doing evening chores.  So the three of us went out and spread remay on the pumpkins and winter squash plants.  The next morning showed that it only got down to 43.  No remay excursions last night – even though it was clear as a bell – the low was 42.  Rains are coming and so the lows are going up into the fifties for the next few days.  But no sun shine either.

October 3rd – No frost yet, none in sight, lows are predicted to stay well in the forties for the next week.  Not a lot of heat during the day either, pumpkins need some sun.

Fall of 2010 – typically for this area the first frost is usually between the first and fifteenth of October.