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Live Poultry

Due to recent Avian Influenza issues in Washington state, we are suspending sales of live birds, chicks or adult.   2015.


Bet will have a limited quantity of heritage turkeys, and ducks in the fall and winter.   E-mail her

She is incubating birds, mutt chicks, ducks and turkeys in the cabinet incubator, and will also sell chicks, poults and ducklings soon (mid May).

Turkeys:  Bourbons, Midget Whites, a cross from Narragansetts, and crosses with Slates,

Ducks – Silver Appleyards,  they are a great dual purpose duck.

The first hatch is due mid May and she will continue as long as she has requests or eggs to hatch.  Turkeys stop laying in  July (according to the book) and Ducks at the end of summer.