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Marriage is a big deal to us here at VF&G and so we have a tendency to write about it often.   About being married, how to get married, why we marry, how to prepare children for marriage (we happen to think marriage is the most important thing to prepare you children for, well right after following God of course). 

You won’t find a lot of cultural nonsense about marriage, whether worldly culture or current Christian cultural psycho-babble.  And what you find here may actual nip at your feelings.  I hope you don’t find us too offensive in what we have to say and if we need to be corrected in our thinking, if we have missed the mark scripturally, please, do tell us.  We appreciate being held accountable for what we have to say, what we are thinkin’ .  We take that accountability from any one, after all, God has used many types of folks and things to speak to His people,not just the folks that you meet with weekly.

If one of the titles or descriptions catches your eye click on the link that follows it.  They may not be in order, my apologies for the dishevelment of the list, it will be added to and tidied up from time to time.

  • Got in My Car and Ain’t it Crazy?   The age of a couple getting married isn’t what makes or breaks the marriage.   click
  • Did God Say?  Divorce and marriage, isn’t just “about the kids”.  click
  • Apologies  Further explaination of what was said in “Did God Say?” click
  • It’s The Dirt I A different perspective on Proverbs 31 and that a man sets the tone.  click
  • Something from a few nights ago This really is more about being comfortable being a woman, seeing ourselves as God see us, not as culture says we ought click
  • -Marriage a brief introduction and encouragement to go look up what John Piper has to say on divorce and remarriage.  Not that we need “experts” to tell us what is plain to see in God’s word but it is nice to hear every once in a while that we’re on the right track. click
  • – It’s the Dirt II – a funny story about Dirt and I explaining that a woman, men too really, need the security of marriage that “living together” just doesn’t bring. click