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Just The Important Thoughts

There are a few things you might want to know about us here at Vicktory Farm & Gardens besides our actual edible, sniffible products, where we’re located and our history. 

You might want to know what sort of things roll around in our heads.  While the “categories” on the side bar can certainly direct you to old posts of ours, where we have our say about a thing or two, some old posts are probably better at saying what we have to say than others.  So I’ll put ’em here where you can easily find them.

As usual, things around here are a work in progress, and I’ve got gazillions of fires going with bazillions of irons in each fire, soooo…. you know the drill, there’s a little bit now, come back for more organization later!

So if you put your cursor on “Just the Important Thoughts” you will see a drop down menu of topics.