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There is Weeding and Then There is WEEDING.

Posted by on July 18, 2017

Looking forward to getting my morning’s off to a rocket start.

This wasn’t one of them.  Spent three hours on reading about market gardening, sipping coffee, and eating my farm fresh eggs on toast.  Did you know some restaurant folks buy honeysuckle flowers to make ice cream with?

By 9 I was out doing chick stuff, the quails were cared for sometime during breakfast.  Then as per normal, on to Margaret Garden poultry chores, including washing water bins and wading pools. One hour total.

The sprinkler is vexing me. But I managed to get it going satisfactorily while I weeded Dirt’s bean bed 2.5 hours for the one extremely weedy bed.

Lunch and entertaining Henry.  I attached a beach umbrella and we went down to the garden to weed the raspberries.  It is a jungle.  I didn’t notice that one of my marking strings was off and I think I pulled out about three feet of raspberry starts. I’m pretty sure I weeded for an hour total and I didn’t quite make it to the end of short rows, approximately 40-50 feet.

Dirt came home with supplies and ideas for the big water pump so I worked with him on that for a good hour.  I’m very excited for the fix! Another half hour was spent on the sprinkler.  I also wanted to rough up in between the leek rows so the water and calcium would penetrate. Took me 10 minutes with the rake on one 90′ bed. The other two beds I did with a cultivator, the took 6 minutes each.  I went out to the corn bed to see how the cultivator would work out there, worked for about 20 minutes and nope.  I didn’t get far.

Bath time! Since part of my work on the plumb was wading in the pond.  Hair washed too this time!  And then…. exhaustion and feet caused the bed to call my name.

Tomorrow’s another day.


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