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We Interrupt the Scheduled Program

Posted by on July 17, 2017

That could be the title of my life and I typically do it to myself.

Company’s last day, and up late working so again late waking and movin’ out on the day.  But as usual, chick house, rinsed water buckets and fed. And other basics.

Took about an hour total to broadcast prilled calcium on the three leek beds and two empty ready to go beds next to them.  One 50# bag per two 4×90′ beds. Set the sprinkler for just the leek beds while I used my Johnny’s seeded to seed swiss chard and flamingo spinach.

Spread the last half bag on the pole beans,  when Anna showed up to say they were leaving.  I may indeed have left the bag out open, thankfully it won’t rain tonight.

When I returned to the garden with my lunch, a can of PBR, I took up with getting the water on all five beds, did by hand watering for quite a while. Sometimes a job done like that is worth the lost minutes.  It gives me time to think, look about me, contemplate my next big leap.

It came in the form of Dirt arriving home early. We were scheduled today to unload the load we loaded last night.  So I hopped on the tractor to see what our day was going to be.

As we waited to hear from the hay boss we scoped out the back yard grazing area, talked with Bet where the cow could go and where she wouldn’t go.  Pick up an old mess on the back patio and kinda just shot the breeze with Lucas and Bet.  And Henry of course.

The call finally came at 5ish.  We were up at the feed store just before closing and emptied the trailer in thirty minutes.


Where the best hay is, Webster Road Feed.

On our way home I realized physically I could not move another inch if it took being on my crazy feet. I took a bath and went to bed.

Tomorrow is another day.


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