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More of May Days!

Posted by on May 2, 2014


If May first and second are any indications of what this month could be like most of the time, more please mum!

Blogging Report

I have to apologize for the whole comment situation.  I am under, have been for quite a while, spam attack.  I even accidentally erased some comments from a couple of friends, sorry ‘bout that, going through 100-200 spam deletes a day. 

I must admit it has been one of the dampers on blogging this winter and early spring.  I know the spam are here ‘cuz they show up in my e-mail, the ones that my grey mail doesn’t sift out.  So I come over here to my administration page and spend all my bloggy time erasing spam – fun.  But I am determined to do more than deal with spam and I need to find a way to actually deal with the spam before I have to see it.  To bad it isn’t edible.

Market Garden Report Part Two –Tomato Plants & Corn

So what have I gotten done?  In spite of record rainfall? 

I have been able to get tomatoes started and some hoop houses moved over the beds they will go in. 


All the tomato plants I started have been up potted twice and since being in big pots, have been hanging out in my tool hoop.

DSC_9197 Apparently they are very happy, some have begun to put on flowers.  Time to go to their summer homes!

The daughters, and a husband or two, are converging on the farm tomorrow to pick up their tomatoes, watch the Derby, eat tacos (Cinco De Mayo) and other such nonsense like grandsons driving tractors, eating cake (maybe cuz it was an Auntie’s birthday today and lighting bon fires.  I’ll plant mine or at least set mine aside, by Sunday.  Then the rest go on sale, starting Monday.  Hopefully they will all be gone by next Saturday.  But if they aren’t Happy Mother’s day and come buy a tomato plant!

If you are local Dear Reader, I’ll post a list on Sunday of what will be available and the hours that I will have the gate open for biz. 

It is Derby Day tomorrow, so yep, the corn was planted today, two forty-by-four foot raised beds under a hoop.  Not sure that they will need a hoop but just in case and to give them a chance to actually mature at the estimated maturity date (nothing does here in the Puget Sound region) they have been hooped.  The rest of the corn beds will be al a naturel  I’ll get those in next week to ten days time, depending on the weather, which has gone back to rainy as of this evening.

Time for the head to hit the pillow, thanks for stopping in Dear Reader.  Happy Derby Day tomorrow, wear a big hat, drink Mint Juleps and plant some corn (weather willin’ in your area)

One more photo before I go


It’s the wisteria from yesterday’s pic, from the other side. 

In the foreground is a lilac.  Both frame the doorway into our laundry house.  The fragrance is amazing, heavenly for sure.  But notice the color match?  A week ago it was not such a good match, the lilac has changed color and now they match perfectly.  I always forget.  When the lilac first blooms, I always wonder why I thought it was a good match and then, it is. 

Good night Dear Reader!

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