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There is Weeding and Then There is WEEDING.

Looking forward to getting my morning’s off to a rocket start. This wasn’t one of them.  Spent three hours on reading about market gardening, sipping coffee, and eating my farm fresh eggs on toast.  Did you know some restaurant folks buy honeysuckle flowers to make ice cream with? By 9 I was out doing chick … Continue reading »

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Rusty Is Moving On, Raspberries Coming Back

Rusty is moving on. No longer will he be VF&G’s boss hog.  He’s on to greener ground, not under it. We were getting ready to move him out to the woodlot as he has done his work completely eradicating all life forms in the old mixed raspberry and BlackBerry plot  or, since we have to bring … Continue reading »

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Raising Grain

Did you read that as raising cain, Dear Reader? Well usually, I am, but today it’s just grain. Yup, I’m off on another horticulture adventure. This time I’m attempting to be a grain grower.  Today was the big shove off, the bon voyage party happened. 3 – 160 sq. ft  beds planted, one to barley, … Continue reading »

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First Days of February

A Joyus Candlemas Day to to all those who have come to see the Light.  I love the day’s Candlemas moniker, it always reminds me that He is my light.  Not being born Jewish, I am by the original meaning, a Gentile.  And even though I was born to believing parents, a strong Christian heritage, … Continue reading »

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The First Half of the Last Day of Summer

Marking this day as significant because it is the last full day of summer, I’d have to mark it, at least the first half, as unusually brutal as well.  As you know Dear Reader,  this is our big state fair time and we are always involved in some way, Bet more so than I or … Continue reading »

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See You At State Fair!

I can hardly believe that it is State Fair time already!  Wow what a summer we’ve had.  I meant to make a post and call it, “Haying Season, It was the best of times and the worst of times”.  But then haying season was long since gone and the post rather stale.  Maybe when I … Continue reading »

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Big Update!

Hatching Day!  Reclaim my garden day!  The killdeer who’s mother laid them in between two beds in the Market Garden are hatching!  I was off a few days on my guess. I expected them in a few days, this means that mom got in there and laid those eggs moments after I ran the tiller … Continue reading »

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A Fairly Uncommon Atmospheric Occurrence

The following photos have not gone through the Photoshopmill, mostly to conserve time, but also to be able to say beyond a shadow of doubt, that we, Bet and I, saw what we saw.      Cloud iridescence.  Fascinating.  Don’t you think Dear Reader?  Like cloud rainbows.  All about thin clouds, sun angle just right, … Continue reading »

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Happy Onion Day!

Here at 46.94°N it is Onion Day!  Today is the day they will receive 15+ hours of sunlight here and begin to bulb.  Happy bulbing to you! and yours! This is one of my “Keepsake” onions, they and “Keeper” wintered over quite nicely. So did my Ailsa Craigs, except for the odd occurrence of much … Continue reading »

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Lime Today For Tomorrow It Rains

Ow.  I lifted a thousand pounds today.  Not all at once!  Don’t be crazy Dear Reader, I did it fifty pounds at a time. After having the sheep pasture drug out real nice, with spring approaching, and the rain a comin’ it was time to apply lime.  Lime or calcium, sweetens acid soil, and yes … Continue reading »

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