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A New Garden

Beginning this summer, mostly just on Sundays, I’m putting in a new garden near the house, right by the asparagus patch, just south of the barn, my long awaited Holy Trinity Garden. This garden will essentially be in the shape of a clover leaf, the famed illustration of Saint Patrick to the Irish to explain … Continue reading »

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More of May Days!

Please! If May first and second are any indications of what this month could be like most of the time, more please mum! Blogging Report I have to apologize for the whole comment situation.  I am under, have been for quite a while, spam attack.  I even accidentally erased some comments from a couple of … Continue reading »

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Fall Fermenting With Pictures!

I purchased Sandor Katz’s The Art of Fermentation and I have fallen in love with fermenting everything.  Well, I have stopped at fermenting the dogs.     Pickles, relish, I’ve even started doing naturally fermented root beers…have I mentioned that I love fermented stuff?   Oh, I see I have. I just looked back over my … Continue reading »

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The View from My Armchair

It’s that time of year again! This is the time of the year when the soil is either too soggy or frozen, right now it is too soggy, to be doing much in the garden. The drainage ditches are all tidied up and doing their job, it just happens to be raining constantly. There is … Continue reading »

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A Vicktory Farm & Garden Greeting

A bright “Greeting” from the garden for the Header Challenge theme. It was my choice for this week, I had no idea what I wanted to photograph as my header, thought I might like to keep the puppies on the header but the thought of trying to get the perfect shot of them… well it … Continue reading »

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This week’s Header Challenge is Fountain, called by Imac.  There are no fountains on the farm, and I don’t believe there is one in our little town nor even the outskirts of the Big City.  So I had to make do, I don’t have gobs of time to run around with my camera looking for … Continue reading »

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Spring is well past sprung here.  In fact, it’s on fire!  And I’m feeling the spring fire – on my heels… and in my soul.   Doin’ lots of work, behind as usual, the body’s a bit trashed as usual as well, but I’m lovin’ it.  Hard work never killed no-one, and quite frankly it’s what … Continue reading »

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Take Flight

This week the theme for the Header Challenge (see far right sideboard) is “Flight” chosen by Dave.  O’ boy does my spirit need to take flight on the back of a fluttering narcissus; soar into brighter, sunnier states of heart from where it dwells at present, the reality of ankle deep muds and boot cresting lakes of … Continue reading »

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Spring Will Be Here in Just a Few More Minutes

oops, it actually got here, at 4:21 (7:21 EDT), while I was distracted from posting this post…. But as we all know the season comes when it wants to and often none of the seasons ever seem to coincide with their appointed times, solstices and equinoxes.  You may, depending upon where you live and your mind-set, … Continue reading »

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This Is Quirky, But I Think…

You might enjoy this.  Check it out.  I’ll even use big pictures so you can see it better. I was awful this year about getting any flowers started, except my sweet peas, I don’t do without them but even so I didn’t get as many transferred to the garden as I actually started.  (I know, I … Continue reading »

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