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Working With Animals

Rusty Is Moving On, Raspberries Coming Back

Rusty is moving on. No longer will he be VF&G’s boss hog.  He’s on to greener ground, not under it. We were getting ready to move him out to the woodlot as he has done his work completely eradicating all life forms in the old mixed raspberry and BlackBerry plot  or, since we have to bring … Continue reading »

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My “Earthday” Post

First let me say, that we believe that everyday is the Lord’s, every breath, every movement, every thought ought to be taken captive unto our Lord Jesus Christ. But someone determined that we ought to be calling certain days belonging to certain celebrations.  But no matter who or what we say we celebrate, whether it … Continue reading »

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How Do They Come to These Conclusions?

Bienenbuettel farm.  Does this name ring a bell?  Germany’s version of the CDC has determined that the recent outbreak of E. Coli, a bacteria that normally occurs in the lower gut of warm blooded animals and manufactures Vitamin K for the host, but of which, virulent strains can cause severe illness and even death when … Continue reading »

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I’ve had it.  I’m pooped.  I don’t need any more things to do. The exhaustion seemed to begin the day I put my contact in wrong.  I cleaned the lens, rinsed it well, put wetting drops on it, put it in my eye.  Freak out pain occurred immediately and at that very moment I knew … Continue reading »

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Sound Creation

The only sound creation I know of is what the Creator created.  As the Church oft repeats…  “Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible.”  Or a sample of the verse that brings us to say such… John 1:1-5 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, … Continue reading »

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What Happened to My Internet Connection Today?

Spring cleaning is fully under way. Dirt is back to school, not sure if he actually had students today, they always seem to have those non-student days. So something April foolish was going on ’cause my computer would not connect to the Internet for several hours. Not a good day to pull this on Lanny. … Continue reading »

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Pearl Has Gone To Her Home

Yahoo, I love it when I feel like I did a good thing. And made a little money to boot. Pearl will thrive in that nice family. The oldest boy, Gabe, is thirteen and the youngest, Nathan, must not be too much younger, maybe ten, give or take a year either way. Here is Nathan, … Continue reading »

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