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A New Garden

Beginning this summer, mostly just on Sundays, I’m putting in a new garden near the house, right by the asparagus patch, just south of the barn, my long awaited Holy Trinity Garden. This garden will essentially be in the shape of a clover leaf, the famed illustration of Saint Patrick to the Irish to explain … Continue reading »

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I Knew It!

I would just like to pat myself on the back once again, for being intuitively ahead of the game… The Best Time for Your Coffee.  an article from NeuroscienceDC blog.   My Findings Over a year ago, I switched from drinking coffee as soon as I got up, (or better yet, getting up to someone handing … Continue reading »

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Cat On a Cold Tin Roof

I was sick recently.  Just now recovering and recovery is slow.  I don’t cough very much anymore but I can’t work long and hard, if I try, my legs get shaky and I just want to lie down wherever I am and take a nap. Both Bet and I were sick at the same time.  … Continue reading »

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Takin’ a Hit For a Friend… Gladly

  Just when you thought a story was over…. If you haven’t read the post previous to this one you may not understand what you are about to read, so I suggest that you drop down to read it, if you need help getting there just click here.  After we got back from the eye … Continue reading »

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Collapsed Eyeball

Freak me out!  Okay, so collapsed eyeball sounds sort of more extreme than it needs to, but not really.  It is exactly what is happening and it can be very serious and it can be no big deal.  Nothing in between.  The biggest reason I’m blogging about this… Because no one told me that what … Continue reading »

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How Do They Come to These Conclusions?

Bienenbuettel farm.  Does this name ring a bell?  Germany’s version of the CDC has determined that the recent outbreak of E. Coli, a bacteria that normally occurs in the lower gut of warm blooded animals and manufactures Vitamin K for the host, but of which, virulent strains can cause severe illness and even death when … Continue reading »

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Knitting And Eye Update…

…among a few other this ‘n that sort of things. By the way, I am well aware that it is Friday today, couldn’t miss this week, for I have thought everyday was Friday ever since Monday.  That is what comes of Dirt being gone doing schoolish sort of things all last weekend.  It has been … Continue reading »

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The Weather Outside is Delightful

Some may say its frightful. But not me. Some Can Handle It And not just me, Bet and the resident weather watcher, we love it, the peas love this stuff and if I were braver the early cole crops would have been transferred out to the Market Garden already as well to love it.   But … Continue reading »

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How Do You Spell Tired? L-A-M-B-S

Yep, the long awaited season has begun!  I won’t say much about it as lambs and poultry are Bet’s thing.  Just that I did a lot of helpin’ out last night and boy howdy I’m extra groggy this morning.  Dirt?   Extra cheery.  No lambs lost, though it was touch and go with two.   So … Continue reading »

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Supper Bowl

It was great wasn’t it?!  And the commercials were pretty cute too, well some were.  My favorites?  The Doritoes commercials, both, got great laughs, and the Budwieser light home improvement one was hilarious.  The beattle bug introducing the new Beatle Bug was good.  I hate Pepsi, and diet pop to boot, but I have to hand … Continue reading »

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