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Tree Planting

  Gathering up potted trees from around the house and outbuildings and taking them out to the Highway Hedgerow. So how come trees along the highway fence line?   Trees are assets, like tools on a farm.     First off, trees drink a lot of water.  We have a lot of water.  We already … Continue reading »

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Highway Hedgerow

Changes were mulled over, consequences – benefits and detriments – weighed and now the time has come, the plans have been made, fence removed. Well almost the fence is removed.  Three-fourths is out of the bindy mess of grass and dirt.  We are workin’ on it.  What fence?  Why?  What the heck is goin’ on?  … Continue reading »

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I Knew It!

I would just like to pat myself on the back once again, for being intuitively ahead of the game… The Best Time for Your Coffee.  an article from NeuroscienceDC blog.   My Findings Over a year ago, I switched from drinking coffee as soon as I got up, (or better yet, getting up to someone handing … Continue reading »

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Sunday Not-Work Work

Oh my, what a day yesterday!  I wanted to work on the neglected back yard a bit.  It will soon be summer  and the backyard and other purely ornamental areas will be in nearly irredeemable disarray. (Yes, for some places in the yard and house summer gets here in a flash, if I’m not careful.) So to … Continue reading »

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Kai, Aksel and Ruby

So lambing hell week had a major offset.  We had Kai, our oldest grandboy, Aksel, his brother, and Ruby, their sweet baby cousin girl, out over that weekend (this very last weekend hardly qualified as a weekend, Dirt worked for the school for both days, last Monday being a holiday on top of that, and … Continue reading »

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I Wanna be a Hermit When I Grow Up

I promised a picture of the new lamb today.  He has been named Tim.  Aksel christened him.  And now a little wry humor, or a little humor gone a wry…. I used to be a rock solid extrovert.  Undeniable. Off the charts.  By everyone who even remotely knew me and even myself, though it was … Continue reading »

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Damages and Images: Part One, the Wonder and the Havoc

       Three weeks ago, on January seventeenth, the whole of the Pacific Northwest received a large dumping of snow overnight, on top of a fairly typical earlier snowing,      short lived and melty, on the fifteenth and sixteenth.   Nearly as soon as we woke up on the eighteenth      and were … Continue reading »

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Let’s Pretend

Okay, I have a new plan to solve the problem of being a month behind on a few things, six months on others and over two years on all the rest.  I’m going to pretend I just moved to the farm, I’m from a big city far away, Dirt unpacked our stuff and put everything away … Continue reading »

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I Would Rather

I’ve been thinking a thought lately and I wanted to get it to sound right before I wrote about it,  but I can’t seem to find a better way to word the thought so… I would rather do the will of God and have it “appear” to be a bust, to have not been a … Continue reading »

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Spring Will Be Here in Just a Few More Minutes

oops, it actually got here, at 4:21 (7:21 EDT), while I was distracted from posting this post…. But as we all know the season comes when it wants to and often none of the seasons ever seem to coincide with their appointed times, solstices and equinoxes.  You may, depending upon where you live and your mind-set, … Continue reading »

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