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Spiritual Disciplines

A New Garden

Beginning this summer, mostly just on Sundays, I’m putting in a new garden near the house, right by the asparagus patch, just south of the barn, my long awaited Holy Trinity Garden. This garden will essentially be in the shape of a clover leaf, the famed illustration of Saint Patrick to the Irish to explain … Continue reading »

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Fall Fermenting With Pictures!

I purchased Sandor Katz’s The Art of Fermentation and I have fallen in love with fermenting everything.  Well, I have stopped at fermenting the dogs.     Pickles, relish, I’ve even started doing naturally fermented root beers…have I mentioned that I love fermented stuff?   Oh, I see I have. I just looked back over my … Continue reading »

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Like a Dog

Dirt took me for a birthday ride on his motersickle.  Haven’t been for a ride ride in a long time (my aching hinney today is a testament to that fact).  I can’t even remember when it was that I took a quick ride to Yelm to get something at Sunbirds, I’m pretty sure that was … Continue reading »

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My “Earthday” Post

First let me say, that we believe that everyday is the Lord’s, every breath, every movement, every thought ought to be taken captive unto our Lord Jesus Christ. But someone determined that we ought to be calling certain days belonging to certain celebrations.  But no matter who or what we say we celebrate, whether it … Continue reading »

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Early Winter Blog Blip

So perhaps you noticed a recent, recent being a relative term of course, big blip in my blogging, none in December, one in January and a handful in February.    There is always a ton of reasons for most events but I would have to say that there was one particular reason my late fall, early winter season seemed to go … Continue reading »

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Takin’ a Hit For a Friend… Gladly

  Just when you thought a story was over…. If you haven’t read the post previous to this one you may not understand what you are about to read, so I suggest that you drop down to read it, if you need help getting there just click here.  After we got back from the eye … Continue reading »

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A word mostly used to describe a personality type these days, but its origin is “of blood”.   Which is what I most often identify the word with because of my earlier days as a nursing student and then a nurse, making chart notations about sanguineous fluids.  Blood. It was my choice for the header challenge … Continue reading »

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Sumpin’ I Noticed

I notice I don’t read books or watch movies ’bout folks that sit ’round readin’ books or watchin’ movies.

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Moving Right Along Updates

Orphan Calf The calf didn’t make it.  It failed to regained its sucking urge enough to handle the bottle in spite of whole bag of Lactated Ringers and tube feeding.  Bummer yes, but not a huge surprise.   My headache will go away, Bet’s watching Australian girls who are dumber farmers than us and laughin’, and … Continue reading »

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How Does My Garden Grow?

Whew, boy howdy, this is not as easy an assignment as it would appear.  Fishing_Guy, you must be joking, right?  I’m sure that Mac, Darla, Gail’s Man, can come up with wonderful concise but all encompassing pictures and quickly decide which shot says it all, but I’m supposed to put it all in one picture?  What makes … Continue reading »

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