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Onions Overwinter

Overwinter Onions In My Zone 7ish Market Garden.  Earlier this year, I thought I had decided that I desired a break from starting my own onion plants for a few years. But, since all of my onion plants, okay, nearly all, from Dixondale had bolted on me this spring/summer, and they bolted on my daughters … Continue reading »

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Winter Knitting

I just now used this potholder. It was knitted up this last month and I was fairly disappointed in the design so it just sat by my knitting waiting to undergo scrutiny on what all needs to be changed.  But just now I needed to grab the tea kettle off of the wood stove and … Continue reading »

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A Desperate Plea, Sent by Me

I don’t usually like to strong arm companies, but sometimes, when you are at the end of your rope, ya gotta do, what ya gotta do.  Here is the pushy e-mail I sent to a seed company, the subject line read, Bummed: I’ve been ruined by you. Ruined for any other pepper, with your Red … Continue reading »

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Makin’ Room and Changing Places

Crowded The Hippy Hot Hut is crowded!  Packed full and I haven’t even dented what I was supposed to have in starts this year. The bench is full, and so is the north wall shelves, hanging bar and floor. The bench is mostly propagation heat mat covered and in direct sunlight.  It is the main … Continue reading »

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The View from My Armchair

It’s that time of year again! This is the time of the year when the soil is either too soggy or frozen, right now it is too soggy, to be doing much in the garden. The drainage ditches are all tidied up and doing their job, it just happens to be raining constantly. There is … Continue reading »

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