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Onions Overwinter

Overwinter Onions In My Zone 7ish Market Garden.  Earlier this year, I thought I had decided that I desired a break from starting my own onion plants for a few years. But, since all of my onion plants, okay, nearly all, from Dixondale had bolted on me this spring/summer, and they bolted on my daughters … Continue reading »

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Onions, Onions, Onions and Some Garlic

Onions This Last Year Last year at this time I ordered some short day onion plants from Dixondale Farm.  Even though the bed I chose ended up being slightly flooded during the winter; and this super dense short weedy grass/moss junk, impossible to weed out without removing all the soil around the onion, grew around … Continue reading »

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May Days Tomato Plant Sale

Tomato plants go on sale this week! Monday-Wednesday!  Facebook and Blog Friends Special  Come out between 10am and 6pm, the gate will be closed but we’re right out in the front in the Market Garden.  Give a quick toot on your horn and we’ll come open the gate.  Get the early bird price of $3.00 … Continue reading »

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More of May Days!

Please! If May first and second are any indications of what this month could be like most of the time, more please mum! Blogging Report I have to apologize for the whole comment situation.  I am under, have been for quite a while, spam attack.  I even accidentally erased some comments from a couple of … Continue reading »

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Raising Grain

Did you read that as raising cain, Dear Reader? Well usually, I am, but today it’s just grain. Yup, I’m off on another horticulture adventure. This time I’m attempting to be a grain grower.  Today was the big shove off, the bon voyage party happened. 3 – 160 sq. ft  beds planted, one to barley, … Continue reading »

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Onion House

  Dirt, Bet and I finished up the onion hoop house on Sunday.  I really did help, when they needed me, otherwise I was down in the carrot hoop house (I call it Carrot Barn) weeding and thinning baby carrots. As soon as they were done, they headed off to kill roosters and turkeys and … Continue reading »

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From the Squash Closet

Oh the season of winter squash, if we’re lucky, the season can last from October to January hopefully to February, maybe even March with some of the better storing squash.  But the height of the season is now.  Most of the winter squash have cured making them store longer but also enhancing the flavor and … Continue reading »

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What Does the Farmer Say?

I’m sure those of you connected to the internet, oops, guess that’s all of you, have seen “What Does the Fox Say?”.  I found it hilarious, at a time when I needed a good chortle, tear streaming chortle.  My good friend sent me “What Does the Farmer Say” it was cute but I had yet … Continue reading »

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Onions Are Coming!

My overwinter onion plants from Dixondale Farms are due to arrive this coming week! Crazy excited!  All goes well and we will harvest them May-June!  Our summer crop was very successful.  I had hoped to do seeds not plants, but the Dixondale folks put out a nice product.  We ate all the sweet Ailsa Craigs … Continue reading »

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A Desperate Plea, Sent by Me

I don’t usually like to strong arm companies, but sometimes, when you are at the end of your rope, ya gotta do, what ya gotta do.  Here is the pushy e-mail I sent to a seed company, the subject line read, Bummed: I’ve been ruined by you. Ruined for any other pepper, with your Red … Continue reading »

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