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Hoop Houses

Score Keeping Turns Sour

No real need to keep track of my time today.  Because it wasn’t mine.  I did the necessary stuff. And then Haying took over. I did come back to the house for a wee bit, moved laundry, took plastic film off of two short hoop houses, gathered up dinner for the hay makers. For a … Continue reading »

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Onion House

  Dirt, Bet and I finished up the onion hoop house on Sunday.  I really did help, when they needed me, otherwise I was down in the carrot hoop house (I call it Carrot Barn) weeding and thinning baby carrots. As soon as they were done, they headed off to kill roosters and turkeys and … Continue reading »

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A Desperate Plea, Sent by Me

I don’t usually like to strong arm companies, but sometimes, when you are at the end of your rope, ya gotta do, what ya gotta do.  Here is the pushy e-mail I sent to a seed company, the subject line read, Bummed: I’ve been ruined by you. Ruined for any other pepper, with your Red … Continue reading »

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The View from My Armchair

It’s that time of year again! This is the time of the year when the soil is either too soggy or frozen, right now it is too soggy, to be doing much in the garden. The drainage ditches are all tidied up and doing their job, it just happens to be raining constantly. There is … Continue reading »

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Brrr. Thinkin’ of Tomatoes

Sure hope the tomatoes survived the chilly temperature of last night.  I’ll know in an hour and a half when I go out to the Market Garden to fetch more tomatoes to can.  The tomato plants here at Vicktory Farm & Gardens spend their whole life (after transplanting) in a poly tunnel, or high tunnel, … Continue reading »

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A Fairly Uncommon Atmospheric Occurrence

The following photos have not gone through the Photoshopmill, mostly to conserve time, but also to be able to say beyond a shadow of doubt, that we, Bet and I, saw what we saw.      Cloud iridescence.  Fascinating.  Don’t you think Dear Reader?  Like cloud rainbows.  All about thin clouds, sun angle just right, … Continue reading »

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