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Birds, Birds and More Birds

Spring is a hard season for me here in constant rainy land.  But the bright spots come in the form of eggs.  The feel and colors thrill my heart and pick up my soul. I collect eggs all during the day, in a nearly vain attempt at having a clean egg to deal with.   … Continue reading »

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Bad Morning, Better Day

Ugh, up late. Bad start, no breakfast biscuits for the menfolk as promised, fail. But doing best for a redeemed day.     Grabbed chickies out of the incubator.             Water nipple trained them. Sorry no actual pics of me doing that, I would need 4 hands, I only have … Continue reading »

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Candlemas Day

Half your wood and half your hay, by Candlemas Day.  Or so that saying goes.  This year we, VF&G, aren’t doing well on that score. It is also the day all holly and boughs are removed from the home.  I think I’m done.  I really don’t have much left of Christmas decorations up, save for … Continue reading »

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I’m Cold, Working, Thirsty…

I don’t want to drink coffee while working, I don’t really want cold water while I’m outside – I’m cold enough. I’ve been putting a cinnamon stick in my Earl Grey, just the right amount of spice for a chi-hater-spice-appreciator.  But like the coffee, I’m not wanting to drink tea while working. I actually like … Continue reading »

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You’ve Seen Hints, Now It’s True

You’ve seen this on the side board, and saw hints on FB.  You may have known it’s what we’ve been working towards, you may remember the side board has been saying we were working on something. Well now we are ready to go.  The Harvest Baskets of VF&G are gonna roll out the first week … Continue reading »

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A Month? For Reals? No Way!

But it appears to be true! It has been a month since I last wrote a post, Huh, there isn’t even a crummy rough draft in the tool shed to throw at the blog.  This must come to an end, but unless I find some accidental money and hire four extra people I doubt I … Continue reading »

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Catching Up..

Last week was full of days that truly were balanced work days, a little regular work that has been on the to do list for months, some work that is actually on this week’s calendar page and some storm damage fixin’ involving both sorts of dirt.  But pretty much this post is dealing with backlogged work, … Continue reading »

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Irregular Vegetables

Ya gotta admit Dear Reader, sometimes vegetables provide more than just nutrition and a full belly.  They provide humor. Hope everyone had a delightful Halloween.  

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Views of Fall

Talk about late to the party…. Whew doggy, the new header as we all know, Dear Reader, is supposed to be up on Wednesday and here it is Sunday!  I keep waiting for the not so busy season to arrive.  It hasn’t, and now I’m not so sure it will.  Catching up on the blog … Continue reading »

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Memorable Moments

You’d think that with a header challege theme like Memorable Moments in Your Life, I would remember, however, I forgot all about it until last night just before going to bed, so I stayed up to figure out what to put up.   I started in on a collage so that I could fit in the … Continue reading »

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