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Author Archives: Lanny

About Lanny

In Him we live and move and have our being. And we do so in the beautiful land tucked between Mount Rainier and the Puget Sound.

Birds, Birds and More Birds

Spring is a hard season for me here in constant rainy land.  But the bright spots come in the form of eggs.  The feel and colors thrill my heart and pick up my soul. I collect eggs all during the day, in a nearly vain attempt at having a clean egg to deal with.   … Continue reading »

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Rusty Is Moving On, Raspberries Coming Back

Rusty is moving on. No longer will he be VF&G’s boss hog.  He’s on to greener ground, not under it. We were getting ready to move him out to the woodlot as he has done his work completely eradicating all life forms in the old mixed raspberry and BlackBerry plot  or, since we have to bring … Continue reading »

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Bad Morning, Better Day

Ugh, up late. Bad start, no breakfast biscuits for the menfolk as promised, fail. But doing best for a redeemed day.     Grabbed chickies out of the incubator.             Water nipple trained them. Sorry no actual pics of me doing that, I would need 4 hands, I only have … Continue reading »

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Candlemas Day

Half your wood and half your hay, by Candlemas Day.  Or so that saying goes.  This year we, VF&G, aren’t doing well on that score. It is also the day all holly and boughs are removed from the home.  I think I’m done.  I really don’t have much left of Christmas decorations up, save for … Continue reading »

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A New Garden

Beginning this summer, mostly just on Sundays, I’m putting in a new garden near the house, right by the asparagus patch, just south of the barn, my long awaited Holy Trinity Garden. This garden will essentially be in the shape of a clover leaf, the famed illustration of Saint Patrick to the Irish to explain … Continue reading »

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Onions Overwinter

Overwinter Onions In My Zone 7ish Market Garden.  Earlier this year, I thought I had decided that I desired a break from starting my own onion plants for a few years. But, since all of my onion plants, okay, nearly all, from Dixondale had bolted on me this spring/summer, and they bolted on my daughters … Continue reading »

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New Fence, New Bridge,

Getting ‘round in the muck in spring. Well not just spring, autumn and winter as well.  Not even just autumn, winter and spring but the first and last months of summer.  Okay, maybe that is a bit of exaggeration, but only barely.  It is hard living on soft soil at the head waters of a … Continue reading »

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Onions, Onions, Onions and Some Garlic

Onions This Last Year Last year at this time I ordered some short day onion plants from Dixondale Farm.  Even though the bed I chose ended up being slightly flooded during the winter; and this super dense short weedy grass/moss junk, impossible to weed out without removing all the soil around the onion, grew around … Continue reading »

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Tree Planting

  Gathering up potted trees from around the house and outbuildings and taking them out to the Highway Hedgerow. So how come trees along the highway fence line?   Trees are assets, like tools on a farm.     First off, trees drink a lot of water.  We have a lot of water.  We already … Continue reading »

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Highway Hedgerow

Changes were mulled over, consequences – benefits and detriments – weighed and now the time has come, the plans have been made, fence removed. Well almost the fence is removed.  Three-fourths is out of the bindy mess of grass and dirt.  We are workin’ on it.  What fence?  Why?  What the heck is goin’ on?  … Continue reading »

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